Sunrise Ranch

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We are so happy to be hosting Camp Merveilles Colorado at Sunrise Ranch. Please read on to see some of the incredible benefits of this venue, and for further details and information visit their website at:

sunrise dance spaceThis is the beautiful spacious room for all dance classes! Sunrise has various other wonderful spaces where we will host a variety of music classes and events.

sunrise meditation pond

The Meditation Pond

picture sunriseThe View from the main campus

sunrise dining hallThe dining hall, where all organic “fresh from the farm” foods, (including local farm raised meats and organic fruits and veggies) are prepared by chefs daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (as well as snacks in between!) We are pleased to tell you that not only does Sunrise serve the highest quality food they can offer but they also will happily meet ALL special dietary needs.


guest3There are a variety of lodging options available, including dorm rooms, triple rooms, double rooms, and singles. There are also a few apartments available. Details in the registration form. There is unlimited camping available on grassy fields right close to the main campus.

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