Breadfruit Project Update- Trees & Water Well

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We have exciting updates to share about the Guinea Breadfruit Project!

 Our team members on ground at the Kissidugu Farm in Koukoudé have been diligently caring for the nursery and trees. Each day they transport water by motorcycle to water the trees in the morning and evenings which is not efficient or cost effective. Fortunately, we are developing a water well (pronounced “cole-oyn” in susu). Thanks to our generous donors, we are working towards making water available on site for the nursery and farm. Once the water well is installed, we will begin planting native trees as supportive companion plants to the soon-to-come breadfruit agroforest!

Pictured above are the tissued culture trees after two months of growth. You can see they have lots of new leaves and a slight nitrogen deficiency (yellowing of the older leaves). Photo taken April 02, 2022

In this photo, the trees are more very green and perky after we applied a very diluted UV DISinfected urine and water solution to fertilize the trees in mid April; this is how they responded just after two weeks! Photo taken May 01, 2022



We also have great news that the adventitious root shoot propagation system we installed back in February has shoots growing! These breadfruit roots we had collected from a nearby, remote village. They looked to be the Puou variety, and we are excited to make this type of breadfruit available for the community in Koukoudé and to plant at the farm. Photo taken May 01, 2022


Inuwali (thank you) for all your support & we will send you more updates soon.
If you would like to learn more about or contribute to the water well, please feel free to contact us!
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