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The Kissidugu Guinea Immersion Experience provides a place of healing, empowerment, and learning– where music, movement, and cultural exchange guides a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.


* Classes will be taught by Gabriel Fara Tolno, Kissidugu Ensemble members and artists/members of various ballets.

* Classes are tailored to the students level of experience

* There will be two classes in Djembe/Dun Ensemble, two classes  in Dance & a Song class five days a week.  Private classes in the above and also balafon, krin & kora are available for a fee. (cooking classes also an option)


* Comfortable and secured lodging will be provided in Bintwaya (near Conakry) and on the Kissidugu Land in Bel-Air in the village of Koukoude.

* Do be prepared for utilizing buckets of water as the source of your water versus running water, yet in a beautiful bathroom, you just have to use buckets. 🙂

*While in Conakry and Koukoude access to phone & shopping will be available.  Internet is not readily available unless you have an international phone with SIM card availability, in that case you can purchase a SIM card there to receive internet.


*Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily. Breakfast is simple and consists of coffee, tea,  bread, cheese, jam and fruit. Lunch and dinner are often a traditional Guinea dish featuring fish or chicken with rice, sauce and vegetables or other grain/starch.

*All food is prepared fresh daily and included in your trip cost. Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary needs.

Koukoude is a fishing village and we enjoy fresh fish often!!!


Travel Highlights:

  • You will have opportunity to attend local weddings, dundunba & sabar parties, as well as performances & rehearsals by local artist and ballets.
  • Explore bustling markets, historical landmarks,  the village countryside  & the beautiful beach at the Kissidugu School land.
  • Spend time with Fara’s family and experience the true essence of  “wontanara”, we are together.

On this trip you will have the opportunity to give as well as receive by bringing your unique gifts to share with the people as you receive the riches of the culture. By coming on this journey, you you are supporting the building and creation of the Kissidugu School.  Because this is a long- term project, you will have opportunity to deepen your connection with the teachers and families that are part of Kissidugu and truly create lasting relationships.


Travel requirements:

* A current passport

* A copy of your flight itinerary

* Travel Visa for Guinea

* Proof of Yellow Fever vaccination

* Emergency contact information

All Visa Inquiries are sent to:

Embassy of the republic of Guinea

2112 Leroy place, N.w.

Washington, D.C. 20008

(202) 986-4300

Travel tips:

  • Book your flight early for optimal rates
  • Passports can take up to 12 weeks to process
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required to obtain your Guinea visa, so obtain that first then allow 3 weeks for visa processing.
  • Malaria prevention through medication is advised. We like Malarone, but shop around.
  • Research current exchange rates and bring cash (Checks, CC and ATM’s are NOT widely used in Guinea) Hundred dollar bills are best for exchange rates.

Trip Cost:

ONE WEEK: $700

TWO WEEK:  $1,400

THREE WEEK: $2,100

FOUR WEEKS:  $2,800

$300 Deposit Due upon registering. If you are interested in registering for an upcoming Guinea trip please email us.

We will walk you through the processes 🙂 and are here to answer any questions.  Email us at: anytime.  Wontanara.

Check or money orders payable to:

Kissidugu Foundation
PO Box 263
Hawi, Hawaii 96719

Again, please email us at  if you have additional questions/concerns. Inuwauli.


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