A safe place or place of refuge — in the Kissi language of Guinea, West Africa.

Kissidugu Foundation is committed to creating sustainable and equitable opportunities for individuals and communities, through civic dialogue, education, environmental & cultural preservation and the perpetuation of Guinean music and dance.

Kissidugu Breadfruit Project in Guinea

We are evolving our program to be more sustainable through implementing diversified agroforestry at the Kissidugu School & Farm by planting breadfruit, an abundant and long lasting tree crop!

The goal of this project is to provide the Kissidugu School with a sustainable food source while also opening the opportunity for developing enterprise with fresh breadfruit and value-added products that our staff and students can bring to local markets.

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  • Guinea opens your heart and breaks your heart on the daily. I am so thankful to be able to do this work, study with our amazing master artists the rich dance, music and culture, be blessed and be a blessing.

    Michál Anna Carrillo Director, Lava Roots Dance
  • I've been to Guinea three times prior to this, and this is by far the best trip I have been on! Fara Tolno is truly a master teacher, I'm loving it.

    Dan Graetz Australia


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