A safe place or place of refuge — in the Kissi language of Guinea, West Africa.

Kissidugu Foundation is committed to creating sustainable and equitable opportunities for individuals and communities, through civic dialogue, education, environmental & cultural preservation and the perpetuation of Guinean music and dance.

Join us in planting breadfruit trees in Guinea, West Africa!

The goal of this project is to provide a sustainable food source and opportunity to develop enterprise for our Kissidugu Family in Guinea (our staff, students, Kissidugu Ensemble, and Junior Dance Company).
Because of your support over the years, we have been able give access to health and food resources for the families we serve. Today, we are evolving our program to be more impactful and sustainable through diversified agroforestry (fruit tree crops)!
One a breadfruit tree can produce 300 lbs of nutritious starchy fruit of food a year, which is enough to provide a family of four a staple food for a year! Help us make the leap to improve food security for our school and the community of Koukoude Village, and provide business opportunities.
We have 118 trees sponsored so far! And are looking to have 288 trees sponsored before our our Guinea Trip scheduled January 24th 2022. All donations are tax deductible.
Sponsor a tree in Guinea for $30!


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Dates to be determined. Check back for more information

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  • Guinea opens your heart and breaks your heart on the daily. I am so thankful to be able to do this work, study with our amazing master artists the rich dance, music and culture, be blessed and be a blessing.

    Michál Anna Carrillo Director, Lava Roots Dance
  • I've been to Guinea three times prior to this, and this is by far the best trip I have been on! Fara Tolno is truly a master teacher, I'm loving it.

    Dan Graetz Australia


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