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The Kissidugu Breadfruit Project is an initiative to plant breadfruit trees in Guinea, West Africa for food security and economic development for the Kissidugu School and for the community in the village of Koukoude where the school is located.

In partnership with the Trees That Feed Foundation, the Kissidugu School will bring 288 breadfruit trees to Guinea in the winter of 2021 starting the first phase of the project. After setting up the nursery in phase one, we will plant 200 trees at the school’s 10 acre farm as a diversified food forest and distribute the remainder to local farmers in Koukoude.

By 2030 the school should be able to produce 100% of its starch needs for its staff and students while also having surplus fruit to process into value-added products for the local markets. The Kissidugu school will provide continued support and education to promote the use of breadfruit in the school and community.

Potential Impact

Most Guineans consume rice as their main staple and unfortunately most of the rice is imported from India or China, is poor quality and lacking nutrients, whereas breadfruit can grow locally, is highly nutritious, and provides environmental services. For a dollar comparison, 100 lbs of rice costs about $100 USD and can feed a family of four in Guinea for about 1 month; a breadfruit tree, planted once, can feed a family of four all year for forty years!

One breadfruit tree can provide 1200 servings of nutritious starch a year and over a tree’s lifetime of 40 years about 50,000 meals!

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Set up breadfruit tree nursery (January-February 2022)

Phase 2: Out plant the school’s farm and distribute trees (2023)

Phase 3: Establish a processing facility to preserve breadfruit and make products (2022-2029)

Phase one and two of the project has been budgeted for $20,000 and we have already raised half of that amount.  We still need funding for supplies, materials, and equipment for the nursery and farm.



Interested in Supporting this project?

Purchase one tree to be planted in your name for $30 and provide 50k meals over the next 40 years.

Make a donation! if you have any questions about the project please email us at



How long does it take for a breadfruit tree to produce fruit?

  • It can take anywhere from 2 ½ years to 6 years for trees to first produce fruit, and generally, trees come into full production after 7-9 years.

What does breadfruit taste like?

  • When a breadfruit is mature (not yet soft and sweet) it tastes similar to a potato and can be used the same way! Ripe breadfruit (fruit at its soft and sweet stage), can taste like a yam and when overripe, a ripe banana.

How can breadfruit be eaten in Guinea?

  • Breadfruit is similar to many common staple foods in Guinea like Yoka (cassava), bode (taro), Wori (sweet potato), fondengy or Fonio (native millet grain). It can easily be added to traditional stews and sauces. It can also be made into other foods like fufu, roasted on a fire, fried into chips, or processed into flour and made into baked goods like bread. The possibilities of how to eat breadfruit are endless!

How much fruit can one breadfruit tree produce?

  • Depends on the growing conditions and age of the tree, but on average 300lbs of fruit a year. Large, healthy trees with good sunlight will produce more fruit than smaller trees in partial shade.

Does breadfruit grow well in Guinea?

  • Yes! Breadfruit thrives in tropical climates near the equator, and the School’s farm is located in the region of Boffa, around 500ft elevation where the land is fertile and receives ample rain– perfect for growing breadfruit! 

What are the nutritional benefits of breadfruit?

  • Breadfruit is high in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A & C, magnesium and potassium which are important for cellular function and a healthy immune system. It also contains all the essential amino acids and is low glycemic making it stand out from other starches like potatoes or white rice.

Hear more about the Kissidugu Foundation from our founder Gabriel Fara Tolno, musician, dancer & choreographer in this video!

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