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Please take a moment to read through this information. We are hoping to give you the info you need to be prepared for camp and have the best experience possible! If you have further questions or concerns please email ~INUWAULI~

drum handsINSTRUMENTS: Merveilles will have balafons, djembes and duns available for you to rent for your entire camp experience. This means that if you do not want to travel with your instruments, or have interest in classes that you do not own an instrument for, you will be given the instrument you need- signed out to you and yours to keep for the entire time you are at Merveilles. You will be responsible for this instrument and you will have it to use anytime you want during the duration of Merveilles -giving you time to practice between classes or play in the evenings. The price of this is $30- (this covers the instrument including the possibility of a broken skin, etc.) Please make a note on your registration form if you would like an instrument for the duration of camp and we will have what you need tuned and waiting for you! You must contact by August 1st if you would like to reserve an instrument. Otherwise there are generally instruments around and often you are able to borrow an instrument from someone, but there are no guarantees, and it will be up to you (not the person at the registration desk) to find someone to borrow from. Please DO NOT EVER grab an instrument that is not in use and use it without permission!! Also there will NOT be sticks available to borrow for dun/dundun dance classes, however we hope to have a vendor there that has sticks for sale. You can email in advance to reserve a pair of sticks to purchase, otherwise the above borrowing policy applies. Fara also has beautiful balafons for sale!  Email him in advance ( if you are interested to purchase one. THANK YOU! 

5301678424_05e53bf402_mREGISTRATION:  All registration will take place online. Whether you pay by check or paypal online you must fill out the online registration form. Know that indoor housing is limited, guarantee your spot and register today! There are unlimited camping and day registration spots available. Registration is  due by August 1st!! Please register and get your deposit in by the 1st- all registration received after this date will include a $25 late fee. Final payments are due by August 8th! A $25 fee will be applied to payments made after this date. Please contact us if you cannot make these deadlines. There will not be work trade available for Camp Merveilles, come enjoy your week and be taken care of by the expert staff at Sunrise Ranch. Checks can be made payable to Camp Merveilles and mailed to PO BOX 20894 Boulder, CO 80308

CLASS ETIQUETTE:  We strive to meet the various levels of dancers and musicians attending Merveilles and teachers will be working to meet the level noted for their class slot. Please honor those that have more or less experience than you- if you are new to this music and dance feel free to challenge yourself with a more advanced class, just please do not expect the teacher to slow things down for you, and if you have had more opportunity to study this music and dance please enjoy the slower pace of a beginner class and do not expect the teacher to speed things up for you. FOR DANCE CLASSES: When the teacher wants you to be in lines to move across the floor, quickly form lines with 3-4 people across, pay attention to the person in front of you and on either side of you, and please STAY WITH YOUR LINE.  This makes class smoother, safer, and gives you more dance time. Experienced dancers should be in the front lines. Beginning and intermediate dancers you will benefit from a more advanced dancer going down the floor in front of you. Always be aware of your dance space and the people surrounding you!

TRANSPORTATION: Sunrise Ranch is located in the beautiful mountains about an hour outside of the Denver Metro area. Students are responsible for their flight into Denver. We will be assisting to set up shuttles that will be bringing students directly from the airport to the ranch. Sign up for a shuttle HERE

IMG_6851WVENDORS: There will be vendors setting up an outdoor African market. Generally there is a variety of clothing, jewelry, instruments, and CDs for sale, as well as massage available. Please be prepared to pay with cash or a check. If you are planning on selling items you MUST register here by August 8th so we can plan to accommodate you at the event. Thanks!

FOOD : We are so pleased to announce that Sunrise Ranch serves fresh, organic, farm-to-table foods. We will be working directly with the head chef to set up a menu specifically for Camp Merveilles. We plan to have a variety of options available throughout the week including some African dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served daily with two snacksorganic-food2 set up throughout the day and a coffee/tea bar that is open at all times. Sunrise will also meet ANY special dietary need. You MUST let us know in ADVANCE on your registration form if you have special dietary needs so we can inform the kitchen. They will prepare a meal to meet your needs for the duration of your stay. There are also student kitchens open at all times with a stove, microwave, and refrigerators for anything else you would need.

EVENING EVENTS:  There will be something happening every night of Merveilles. Sunrise has many beautiful spaces to meet and relax with your friends and teachers. We start off with an orientation/opening ceremony on Tuesday night. Then we will host a variety of evening events. Including music, stories, songs, dance parties, cultural history dialogue, and more!  There will be a big theater show on Saturday August 15th. The theater is located in the dome at the ranch and the show will be open to the public. Discounted tickets will be available for all Merveilles students- $10 OFF ticket prices. $10 for students of Merveilles and $5 for Merveilles kids 12 and under. $15 for kids 12 and under and $20 per adult for the general public. Kids 5 and under are free. There will be a closing ceremony on Sunday night.

CHILDREN: We will be hosting one children’s class with a faculty member and providing childcare from 9am until lunch and 3pm until dinner Wednesday thru Sunday.  Childcare is $5 an hour and you can pick which hours you need care in each day. You can also register your child to spend the entire day in the children’s program for $40. Drop-in to kids classes is $5/child. You will be able to register daily with the manager of the children’s program.1157475_10151855097994739_439144612_n Please read and complete the information on your registration form about your children. Email for more info.

ON-GOING CLASSES : This year Camp Merveilles will be hosting multiple on-going class opportunities. An advanced drum class Thursday-Sunday with Fode Bangoura and Fara Tolno, an ensemble class with Mohammed and Aboubacar Kouyate, Dun Class with Ismael Bangoura, Song Class with Bonfils Bangoura, and Dundun Dance with Fara Tolno. If you miss a day of these classes you must connect with another student or one of your teachers to get caught up on any information learned. These are on-going classes and will be moving at a quick pace building upon information learned in prior classes with little review. Please adhere to the levels for each class. Classes will have the opportunity to perform at either the Saturday night theater show or Sunday night closing ceremony. Students1185415_10201846149741289_2009000437_n MUST attend all sessions to perform or have permission from faculty member leading the class if you have missed a session and would still like to perform. See the schedule link for more details. Email with questions. THANKS!

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