April 7th, 8th and 9th, 2017!  It was a great success!

Here’s a note from Utah Coordinator Rosie Banchero:
A massive thank you to everyone involved in this year’s conference. I am extremely grateful to be one of the host cities for Kissidugu Foundation’s and Gabriel Fara Tolno ‘s Merveilles camps and conferences. Chalk this up to another incredible and successful year! Our youth outreach program headed up by Cheronne Anderson kicked off a fabulous three day weekend of learning and cultural immersion. Having Mama Kim Strunk join us this year in the community she created was extra exciting for those of us who have studied under her for years! Our nine member faculty provided exceptional instruction in dance, drumming, song and cultural insight. Many thanks are in order! This event would not have been possible without the massive amount of support we received! Thank you Gabriel Fara Merveilles Tolno for spearheading the legacy of African dance! Checkout these fabulous pictures courtesy of Meagan Mullahy and Elissa Mojica Wyne. Special thanks to Marietou Camara Soriba Fofana Alya Sylla Peniel GuerrierRujeko Sarah Dumbutshena Kiazi Malonga Tata Kaya Natosha Marie WashingtonCole Adams Stacy Petersen Stacy Coleman Higbee Misscott Stone Sierra Mackenzie Shepherd Deja Mitchell Quinn ReesorKaz Speirs Golden Gibson Tim Butler Brandon Wilson Keshav Sarin Leslie Sarin Mary Beth Flemming Amy-Rose White Virgil Feinauer Diane Fouts Lolly MacVicar Stephanie Banchero

A few photos:





We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

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