Merveilles Hawaii Schedule 2017

Merveilles Hawaii Schedule 2017



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Kissidugu School Photo Gallery 2017

Our January 2017 trip to Guinea, West Africa was quite a rewarding experience!

Check out some highlights!

The KISSIDUGU CAMPUS is coming along!!!!

Our Pharmacy Building! The Pharmacy opened this winter! Used primarily for our team of 30 people at this time.

Student Housing and Current Kitchen area.

Our newest building still in process!! Five 2 bedroom units with bathroom for resident teachers and international student studies.  We were able to see this building roofed and outside plastered with stucco while on site in January/February 2017.

Community Pavilion. Daily rehearsals with the Junior Company and international student workshops happen here!














Founder Gabriel Fara Tolno teaching the Kissidugu Ensemble.























Flying High…..

Gabriel Fara Tolno teaching the Junior Company a new dance work to be presented throughout the year in Guinea.

Loving the Community Pavilion, the girls rehearse two hours daily!


Hippo Rollers at work!! PUSH OR PULL! Twenty four gallons of water!!!

Hippo Rollers in Full Effect! These are amazing! Easy to stand upright and fill up at the Well down the road!  Our own We are working on implementing our own well this year!!!

The beginning of making SAND BRICKS to be used in building a perimeter wall!

This two kids are happy to be making bricks and receive a little bit of money so they can EAT and SHOWER! Yea, let that sink in…….

500 SAND BRICKS using recycled plastic bottles… Cleaning up a little at a time!!!

Job well done!!!


OUR BEACH… just a walk away…


Too much FUN!

Junior Company girls….