Kissidugu School

Building the School of Music, Dance and Education in Guinea, West Africa is the Foundation’s primary initiative. The popularity of West African music and its influence on the western world has offered many African musicians and dancers an amazing opportunity to move and teach abroad. Unfortunately, this has created a situation where many of Guinea’s finest teachers leave Guinea permanently, taking with them the history, roots, and foundations of this important part of their culture.

The vision of this school is to create a place where master drummers and
dancers can support their families without having to leave Guinea, keeping
the knowledge of the traditional music and dance alive and thriving for generations to come. The school will provide the opportunity for work, the chance to study, and a space for local educators to teach. It is our hope the school will provide a consistent way for international students to travel to, experience, and study the rich culture of West Africa.  Most importantly, the school can provide scholarships and education opportunities to the youth of Guinea.

The school will be a source for education, language studies, arts, music, and dance. It will be a place to raise cultural awareness, initiate dialogue, and focus on African heritage and history. Currently any long-term schools or opportunities like this do not exist in Guinea. A future hope for the school is to double as a community center, providing a space to host community workshops on health care, AIDS awareness and prevention, sustainable living and smart environmental development practices.

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We so look forward to bringing even more water filters on our January 2015 trip.

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