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 Kissidugu Foundation is committed to creating sustainable and equitable opportunities for individuals and communities, through civic dialogue, education, cultural preservation and the perpetuation of Guinean music and dance.

Join Gabriel Fara Tolno and The Kissidugu Foundation in Guinea, West Africa Winter 2017. We are currently fundraising for clean water filters, 24 gallon “hippo roller” water carriers, solar lights and medicine. View our Generosity Fundraising Campaign Here: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/kissidugu-school-of-music-dance-education


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CHECK OUT OUR GENEROSITY CAMPAIGN HERE.  We are actively fundraising through December for water filters to be taken in January!  TAKE A LOOK!

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Kissidugu Foundation’s President Gabriel Fara Tolno and Vice President Michal Anna Carrillo along with volunteers/students; Bradley, Mary, Laine and Shelley have just returned from Guinea, West Africa, and we are happy to report back that it was a successful journey!
We were able to distribute SIXTY Luminaid & Berkey solar lights and THIRTY Waves for Water filters to families and build four Berkey water systems for use at the Kissidugu School. We brought multiple huge bags of natural medicine, supplies for dressing wounds and items for give away; New Balance shoes, organic seeds and much more!  The Health and Technology buildings on property have been completed, a tower was built for the water storage tank and the schools dance space was finished while we were on site. Gardening, and fruit tree planting were completed along with a chicken coop built out of recycled materials. Infrastructure for the kitchen/rooms and sanitation/trash systems were also set into place.
The Kissidugu Foundation is honored to be creating a campus that will provide needed basic resources, a community center, and eventually high level education to serve the Bel Air community and village of Koukoude in Guinea, West Africa.
We hope you will continue to follow our progress and get involved by donating time or funds as we move into phase two of the Kissidugu School vision. Together we can make a difference.  YOUR SUPPORT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  All donations are tax-deductible.  INUWAULI/ THANK YOU!

Here are a few photos from the journey:

Solar lights soaking up sun for daily use!




                                                                                               Waves for water filters: easy to implement & use.



Student/volunteer Bradley Hoessle's beautifuly made shelving!

Student/volunteer Bradley Hoessle’s beautifuly made shelving!

Vice President Michal Anna Carrillo distributing a waves for water clean water filter!

Vice President Michal Anna Carrillo distributing a waves for water clean water filter!

Items for dressing wounds, used daily!!

Items for dressing wounds, used daily!!

Founder Gabriel Fara Tolno and family members with nutritional support!

Founder Gabriel Fara Tolno and family members with nutritional support!

The Kissidugu School campus becoming a reality!!!

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DONATE the “Illuminated Water Package” proving a 24 gallon of water carrying system, water filtration for clean water and a solar light for a family!  LEARN MORE HERE!!

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