Foundation’s Mission: To create sustainable and equitable opportunities for individuals and communities to access and promote cultural arts through music, dance, education, and civic dialogue.

Our Intention: To Inspire people of all colors, cultures, and backgrounds to connect to themselves, to one another and to their community through music, dance, and dialogue.

Kissidugu is available for booking, please contact us at

“Kissidugu has an amazing and infectious energy in its drums – from Dun Duns to Djembes to Bougarabou – and it’s dancers….The company is a magnificent example of inclusion….b-boy breaking with its African roots in the midst of traditional African dance was wonderful….the women hear the drums and every break therein, bring their own drums into their dance, making the performance totally integrated….the impact is amazing.”

-World Dance Reveiws 2011

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  1. frances charteris says:


  2. kenji percussion says:

    I like..

  3. Josh Willhite says:

    I recently saw the Kissidugu show in La Junta at Otero Junior College (Feb 20th, I was the guy from the liquor store!). I enjoyed the show so much, so very cool to meet a real djembe master in person, I was showing videos to my drumming friends for weeks afterward. I so wish you guys were closer. There’s no way I could justify traveling so far for a class/lesson. If you ever get a chance to come out this way again, look me up!

    • kissidugu says:

      Glad you enjoyed the show. I would recommend making your travel plans to be in Boulder August 1-5 for the 10th Annual Camp Merveilles. Five full days of classes studying from numerous master teachers! If you ever want to set up a drumming workshop, contact us to schedule

  4. Karen Danko says:

    HI, I saw you at the Dairy a bit ago. I loved the drums the women were playing – (Dun Dun?) I would like to buy one. Can I get one from you soon. I can’t wait till August. Thanks, Karen

  5. Kat W. says:

    How do we contact you to book your troop (if possible)?

  6. djembefola says:

    Wow you guys look great… I’d love to see you live :)

  7. Jan says:

    It was definitely an amazing event, I’m glad I managed to attend it!
    Next time I will bring all my friends there.

  8. Pat says:

    I just experienced Kissidugu this evening, for the second time. They are phenomenal, incredibly Gifted as musicians and human beings and as ambassadors of peace and world unity and of doing good in our world (what we are *all* here to do!).
    Their love and passion for the music and magic they create through their presence and performing is wonderful, uplifting, very life-affirming and energizing, irresistibly contagious, especially for lifelong musicians (percussionists) such as me. Their artistry and giftedness are powerful, loving, and very joyful instruments through which peace and joy and wholeness and health are being created in our world. I invite and encourage you to experience them and to support their work on our beautiful planet. What a wonderful gift they are to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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